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G7 Germany 2022 - Foreign Ministers Communiqu

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Preamble We, the G7 Foreign Ministers of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the High Representative of the European Union, have met today in a fundamentally changed strategic and security en

Neuer Lagebericht zu Syrien: Desolate Menschenrechtslage im Brgerkrieg

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Das Auswärtige Amt hat uns einen neuen Lagebericht zu Syrien herausgegeben. Er zeigt, wie schlimm die Lage vor Ort ist – und dass Abschiebungen nach Syrien gegen Menschenrechte verstoßen würden. Die Menschenrechtslage in S

Keynote von Staatsministerin Michelle Mntefering auf Einladung des Ambassador Club e.V. und seiner Prsidentin sowie der Botschafterin der Franzsischen Republik in Berlin: Women in Politics and Diplomacy

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Thank you very much for inviting me to speak to you today. It’s almost a minor miracle that we’re actually able to meet here at the Ambassadors Club. We also have the Ambassador to thank for this. Anne-Marie Descôtes, I’m most

Zweite Berliner Libyen-Konferenz

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CONFERENCE CONCLUSIONS Today, at the invitation of German Foreign Minister Maas and United Nations Secretary-General Guterres, High Representatives of the Governments of Algeria, China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (AU Chair), Egypt, France, Ger

Rede von Staatsminister Annen zur Erffnung der Konferenz Action with Women and Peace - Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict, Ensuring a Survivor-centered Approach

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-- check against delivery -- I would like to congratulate Korea on hosting this conference. Covid-19 exacerbates gender-based violence all over the world, and particularly in fragile settings. Addressing a survivor-centered approach could not be more

Redebeitrge von der Kundgebung Solidaritt mit den emanzipatorischen kmpfen in China" in Leipzig vom 17.04.2021

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1. Redebeitrag: Initiative: ???Left Echo Homepage: Twitter: @leftechoLE Hallo und willkommen zu unserer heutigen Kundgebung unter dem Motto "Picking quarrels und provoking trouble -- Solidaritt mit emanzpatorisc

Rede von Staatsministerin Michelle Mntefering zur Grndung der Group of Friends for Gender Equality

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Over seventy years ago, the drafting committee of the Human Rights declaration, although dominated by men, had no doubts: all human beings are born equal.  And yet, if we take a look at where we stand now, it seems as if some human beings were

Gruwort von Staatsministerin Mntefering zur Veranstaltung von Nadias Initiative, UNODC und UN Women anlsslich des International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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Do you remember the crystal glass the Elf-queen Galadriel gives to Frodo in the Lord of the Rings? The darker it gets, the brighter the glass shines. It is “a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”  I have often thought of this glass of

AidToo, ein Strversuch

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AidToo, ein Störversuch Strategien gegen sexualisierte Gewalt im Aid Business [email protected]… 19 August, 2020 - 12:45 Hanna Hacker PERIPHERIE

Call for demonstration "Abolish patriarchy" in english, kurdish, arabic, german, italian, russian, turkish, greek

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ABOLISH PATRIARCHY! INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S AND QUEER’S FIGHT DAY ON MARCH 8TH ‘’Get together for a night dance demonstration on the eve of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S AND QUEER’S FIGHT DAY! We challenge the present condi

Chairs Statement: Friends of Sudan Meeting, Berlin (virtual), 28 January 2021

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The meeting was opened by Mr. Miguel Berger, State Secretary of the Federal Foreign Office for Germany, and by Dr. Omer Manis, Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Sudan. Dr. Hiba Mohamed Ali Ahmed, Acting Minister of Finance and Economic Planning for S

Joint statement by the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Weimar Triangle (France, Germany and Poland) - Jean-Yves Le Drian, Heiko Maas and Zbigniew Rau

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At a time when the European Union's neighbourhood is affected by the emergence or continuation of serious crises and conflicts, and the basic rules of international law are being violated, we, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of France, Germany and

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